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Carpet cleaning at your service! Drier, cleaner carpets in about an hour!

We are family owned and operated, and have 20 years experience in the industry. We do it all inside your home! You name it, we can do it. Anything from carpet restoration to carpet repair. We even do windows!

Our speciality is dry foam cleaning, the best cleaning around. The carpet is only wet for about an hour. You can walk on it right away!

Our motto is that your carpets will be drier and cleaner in about an hour. This is a big deal, because over saturation of your carpet can cause mildew. Carpet is not made to be soaking wet, like you get with steam cleaning. Steam cleaning uses mostly water and a lot can be left behind in your carpet. Our chemicals are the most important part of our process because they do all the work. So, with no need to over water your carpet, it can dry very quickly. Our type of cleaning uses a very small amount of water, we do the deep scrub and then leave the cleaners in the carpet to continue working even after we are gone.


Our chemicals are non-toxic and hypo-allergenic. They are safe for use in homes with the elderly, children and animals. We trust it in our own home with our children and pets. If you are having issues with pet stains or kids making spills then we can take care of it.

About Us


At Spots Be Gone, we have been sprucing up homes, carpets, upholstery and more for a total of 20 years. As a family owned company we, Keith and Carmen Wurtz, personally know the messes that kids and pets can make! With five children and several pets, we've perfected our techniques at removing spots and stains of all kinds in our own home and automobiles. We've truly found the secrets to make your home sparkle.

We have grown our business by taking adequate time with each customer to ensure your needs are taken care of. If there's a problem after we complete your job, just give us call!


Carpet Cleaning

Our speciality is dry foam cleaning, the best cleaning around. The carpet is only wet for about an hour. You can walk on it right after cleaning.

We have a 4 step process:
1. Vacuum
2. Pretreatment for spots and spills
3. Cleaning with non residue dry foam deep scrub method
4. Brush carpet for luster and fluffiness

1 room $69.95
2 rooms and hall $99.95
3 rooms $109.95
4 rooms and a hall $139.95
Whole house $319.95 (includes up to 7 areas)

Deodorizer/Disinfectant $10-$30 an area depending on the area size and severity of the problem

Soil Guard $15-$25 an area

*If you have any questions about what counts as an area, please visit our FAQ section.

Dual Process

When you have major spots, heavily soiled areas, and you combine the dry foam deep scrub method with the extraction process, you come up with an amazing one of a kind cleaning that only Spots Be Gone is offering.

We use the same steps as the dry foam and follow up with an extraction cleaning for the most efficient cleaning

possible, and gives customers who have not used a dry foam deep scrub a peace of mind the carpets are being thoroughly cleaned.

In my 22 years of cleaning I have found this to stop pesky spots from returning and completely eliminates high traffic discoloration from even the oldest and most worn carpets.

*Note: Dual Process cleanings are a different charge. Please contact us for further information.


Specialty rugs $1 per square foot


Stairs are a separate area. We do each stair by hand with brushes sponges and towels.

Price: $25.00 for a flight of stairs up to 15 stairs this does include split levels of 5 and 5 or 6 and 6


We brush your upholstery with a soft bristle brush to avoid damaging delicate fabrics. Then we vacuum up any crumbs and pre-treat stains as necessary. We then deep clean fabrics by hand with a soft sponge and towel dry to remove excess moisture.

Standard Sofa $89.95
Love Seat $69.95
Standard Sofa & Love Seat $149.95
Chair $59.95

Auto Interior Cleaning

We clean all seats, leather or fabric and floorboards.

Price: Cars and trucks $199.95 (Vans & minivans $25 extra)

Online Deals

We usually have coupons and deals available through the following vendors. Check back with them often for new specials!

Deals FAQ

Are stairs included as an area?

No. We charge $25 for a flight of stairs up to 15 stairs. This includes split levels.

How do you define an area?

Any carpeted surface up to 200sqft not including stairs

What is a service fee?

We charge a service fee due to our fuel and chemical prices going up. There is a $10 service fee for every 10 miles outside of zip code 64081

(Example: If you are 30 miles outside of zip code 64081 there would be a charge of $30 for gas and mileage)

Can one of my areas be an area rug?

It depends on the area rug. If it is wool, oriental, or a speciality rug then it requires a special cleaning and can NOT be included as an area, however if it is not any of the above then it can be counted as an area.

Do you move furniture?

No, however you have 3 options

The first option is to leave the furniture in place and we can clean around it

Second, have any furniture moved and out of the way prior to our arrival

Third, we can move small furniture for you at an additional charge of $5.00 an area. We still will not move large items (dressers, beds, anything with electronics or knick-knacks on it, entertainment centers, pool table)



"I have to say I was a bit skeptical on the probability of getting the stains out of my living room carpet. Being a youth sports coach and having as many as 15 players over for gatherings, I thought new carpet was my only option. I WAS WRONG! The KC Home Care crew came out and within minutes I could tell a difference! I must say they returned my carpet to like new! Thanks so much, KC Home Care, you have a repeat customer here!"

Pete Warchola
Youth Sports Coach

"We have used Keith several times and found him to be reliable, honest and does a great job. I highly recommend him."

Jerry Garland
House Wife

"I had very good service with them. My carpet was as clean as the new carpet when we moved in and it smelled clean. They are also very soft now. I give this 10 stars!"

Melissa L
Working Mom with a dog

"I'm often difficult/hard to please to be honest. Asking more questions than anyone wants to take the time to answer. From the beginning phone consultation to responding back after service was complete.....I was treated with respect, received prompt/quality service. At a price that was was very competitive. I feel that not only do I have wonderfully clean carpets but I am far more knowledgeable about whats under the feet of my family. Thanks Spots be gone... I would highly recommend you to anyone and everyone."

Deborah R

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